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Effective promoter of the Polish Maritime Industry and Space Technology

Baltic Sea & Space Cluster focuses on transferring knowledge and organizing business, science and administration cooperation in a global and regional scale. The cluster thinks globally and acts globally.

(BSSC) is an effective promoter of the Polish Maritime Industry and Space Technology and utilizes Polish coastal location as a national treasure. Cluster acts as a partner and a participant in numerous endeavors regarding Polish maritime and space economy, including by creating it as an equivalent of the national and European intelligent specialization. Cluster also interacts in the International Ocean Governance programme.

Baltic Sea & Space Cluster / BSSC Cluster (formerly Polish Maritime Cluster) was founded on July 27, 2007 (entry in the court register on October 22, 2009). The BSSC cluster is a key cluster in Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic Sea region, it is also recognized in the maritime industry on a global scale, as evidenced by contacts with clusters in Asia, South Africa and the United States. The BSSC cluster is an active member of the European Network of Maritime Clusters and United Nations Global Compact whose cooperation is coordinated by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform.

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